Anura : Frogs

We follow the ISIS taxonomic system


Frog page with links : FrogLog Newsletter

The Froggy Page from Sandra Loosemore

The Whole Frog Project Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

Interactive Frog Dissection University of Virginia

Frog and Toad pictures

Mike Pingleton's herp archive

Michele's Frog Page

Dorota's Frogland

SAPO's neat froggy logos

NAAMP Amphibian Art Gallery

Debbie Gill's frog pond -- original cartoon artwork


Arthroleptidae (Frog)

Brachycephalidae (Frog)

Bufonidae (Toad): Toad Cell Lines (HyperCLDB)

Centrolenidae (Frog)

Dendrobatidae (Poisoned Arrow frogs)

Discoglossidae (Frogs)

Heleophrynidae (Frogs)

Hemisidae (Frogs)

Hylidae (Tropical tree frogs)

Hyperoliidae (Reed frogs)

Leiopelmatidae (Primitive frogs)

Leptodacttylidae (Frogs)- South American Ornate Horned Frog (Busch Gardens)

Microhylidae (Frogs)

Myobatrachidae (Frogs)

Pelobatidae (Spadefoots and Horned frogs)

Pelodytidae (Frogs)

Pipidae (Tongueless frogs): Xenopus

Pseudidae (Frogs)

Ranidae (True frogs)

Rhacophoridae (Tree frogs)

Rhinodermatidae (Frogs)

Rhinophrynidae (Mexican burrowing frogs)

Sooglossidae (Frogs)

Unknown family (Frogs): Verrucose frog (Limnonectes keralensis)

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